3 Common Reasons the Check Engine Light Is On

Check Engine Light
The check engine light is ambiguous, and for some drivers, easy to ignore. The check engine light doesn’t give a lot of information about the issue with the engine. In some cases, the issue can be minor; in other cases, the problem can be severe. Even if you suspect the issue, you may be small, ignoring the check engine light can be dangerous and put your safety at risk. The moment the check engine light illuminates, you should plan on visiting an automotive shop. Below are three common reasons the check engine light is on. 

The catalytic converter is damaged.

The catalytic converter turns harmful gases such as carbon monoxide produced into less toxic compounds during the combustion process. Over time the catalytic converter becomes clogged. Clogged catalytic converters can be prevented with regular tune-ups and maintenance. 

The oxygen sensor failed.

The oxygen sensor manages unburned oxygen and how much fuel is left in the tank. The oxygen sensor can get caked by byproducts from the combustion. This can cause it to lose the ability to produce enough voltage to signal properly. To prevent the oxygen sensor from failing, use the correct fuel for your vehicle, and don’t skip regular maintenance. Failing to replace spark plugs or air filters can increase the likelihood of damage occurring, causing an incomplete combustion process. This is a domino effect that can eventually damage the oxygen sensor. 

The gas cap is loose or broken.

Have you recently filled up your gas tank? If so, when it’s safe to do so, pull over to ensure the gas cap is properly secured. The gas cap prevents fuel from evaporating and also provides the fuel system remains at an appropriate pressure. If the gas cap is broken, replace it at a nearby automotive store. 

Check engine light scan in Atlanta, GA.

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