3 Of The Most Common Issues Range Rovers Are Know For

3 Of The Most Common Issues Range Rovers Are Know For | Atlanta Car Care

Owning a Range Rover exudes luxury, performance, and off-road prowess. However, like any vehicle, Range Rovers are not without their issues, and we will share a few of the most notorious ones shortly

1. The Bane of Range Rover Owners - Electrical Issues

One of the most notorious issues plaguing Range Rovers is electrical problems. From malfunctioning infotainment systems to faulty air suspension modules, electrical gremlins can manifest in various forms, causing frustration for owners. These issues often stem from complex wiring systems and electronic components, requiring specialized diagnostic equipment and expertise to diagnose and repair.

2. Air Suspension Failures

Range Rovers are equipped with sophisticated air suspension systems designed to deliver a smooth ride and adjustable ride height for various driving conditions. However, these systems are prone to failure over time, with issues ranging from air leaks and compressor failures to faulty height sensors. When air suspension problems occur, owners may experience a harsher ride quality, uneven stance, or even complete suspension failure, necessitating costly repairs or replacements.

3. Engine Reliability Concerns

While Range Rovers are known for their powerful engines and impressive performance, some models have been plagued by reliability issues. Common engine-related problems include oil leaks, coolant leaks, and premature timing chain or belt failures. These issues can lead to engine overheating, loss of power, and in severe cases, catastrophic engine damage. Regular maintenance and early detection of potential issues are crucial for mitigating these reliability concerns.

Some Of The Worst Range Rovers You Should Stay Away From

Range Rover Evoque (2012-2013)
Early model years of the Evoque may experience transmission and engine issues, including turbocharger failures and coolant leaks.

Range Rover Sport (2006-2007)
The first-generation Range Rover Sport had issues with its air suspension system, leading to frequent failures and costly repairs.

Range Rover (2003-2005)
The third-generation Range Rover suffered from electrical problems, including issues with the air suspension, climate control, and navigation system.

Range Rover Velar (2018)
Some 2018 model year Velars experienced reliability issues with the touchscreen infotainment system and electronic glitches.

Range Rover Sport (2014-2015)
Certain model years of the second-generation Range Rover Sport may encounter engine and transmission problems, such as oil leaks and gearbox faults.

When it comes to your Range Rover, the Atlanta Car Care team can help out and give it the care it deserves to stay away from issues