6 Most Common Problems In Jaguars

Are you looking at Jaguars for your next car? If so, you have probably wondered about what to expect regarding issues, repairs, and regular maintenance. Down below, you will find six of the most commonly occurring problems in Jaguars and their symptoms so you can catch them in time. We will also give you a couple of tips and recommendations to prevent them.

1. Engine Issues

One of the most common issues in Jaguars occurs in the engine - specifically, the timing chain mechanism. To further explain the problem, we will have to look at the plastic tensioner, which keeps the right amount of pressure on the timing chain and sprockets. It often breaks and wears out, making it the cause of the problem. 

2. Transmission Problems

Jaguars are infamous for their transmission problems. Almost all of them nowadays are equipped with an automatic transmission which fails because of one main reason - issues with the double changing gears.

3. Electrical System

It's common for the electrical system to fail or malfunction. This results in faulty and wrong signals to the sensors and onboard computer. Sometimes the problem can be resolved by simple cable or relay replacements - others can require more complex procedures, therefore a visit to the repair shop.

4. Ignition Coils 

The ignition coils give spark to all cylinders of the engine, making the fuel combust. In Jaguars, ignition coils tend to fail and malfunction because they wear out faster than usual and should be replaced often.

5. Brake Failure

Another issue that Jaguars have is brake failure - specifically, the brake pressure accumulator. This makes the pedal feel unresponsive and/or spongy. Keep this in mind when driving and if you notice anything similar, visit a repair facility ASAP.

6. Coolant System Issues

Coolant leaks and system issues are common in Jaguars because the plastic coolant reservoir cracks after a while. This can be spotted by puddles or stains on the driveway, right under the engine bay, or by the engine overheating.

How Can I Avoid These Issues?

In order to keep your Jaguar away from unexpected shop visits, it requires consistent servicing and maintenance. All parts and systems that are prone to damage or braking should be inspected regularly. This ensures that if there are any symptoms, they will be sorted out before it gets worse. We recommend regular 30/60/90k service, visits for fluid replacements, and tune-ups.

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