Best Mercedes-Benz Models Of 2023 - SUV, Sedan, Wagon

If you are looking for a new vehicle and have decided that it will be a Mercedes-Benz, you've probably asked yourself which model to choose. While this is a pretty complex task, the 2023 lineup has a lot to offer. From comfortable daily commuters to powerful performance models, it is almost certain that there is something for you. Here are three Mercedes-Benz models, perfect for someone looking for comfort and luxury:

2023 Mercedes‑Benz GLE

All GLE trims have one thing in common, their looks and comfort. Engine options range from a turbocharged 4-cylinder to a hybrid 4.0L V8 (which is quite a lot of horsepower). All of them have a wonderful air suspension system that provides a smooth ride. Moving to the interior, it's modern and luxurious, with ambient lighting all around. It's as spacious as any other Mercedes SUV, with a big trunk and good legroom - it even comes with an optional third row. In general, if you want your SUV to scream luxury, the GLE lineup is the one for you.

2023 Mercedes-Benz C300

When talking about sedans, the C300 takes the spotlight. Starting from the outside, it's a beautiful, elegant vehicle that is big enough for a daily commuter and family car. Powering it is a hybrid 4-cylinder engine with, of course, an automatic transmission. It can be equipped with the trademarked 4Matic AWD system of Mercedes for an extra cost. An added bonus is that the C300 also comes in a coupe and cabriolet version, for those of you who are into them.

2023 Mercedes-Benz E450 All-Terrain

If you are between picking an SUV or sedan, Mercedes has an answer, the E450 All-Terrain. It is a wagon capable of driving through rougher roads because of its suspension and powertrain. The engine is an inline-6 paired with a hybrid system, making 362 HP. While it may seem like an off-road-oriented vehicle, the inside has no trace of that - it's just like any other luxury model from Mercedes-Benz. Ambient lighting, wood, and other premium features are included, so it stays true to the standard of the brand. 

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