Common Explanations for Volkswagen Door Lock Failure

Most European cars are known for luxury and performance, and Volkswagen is no exception. Many vehicle owners have fallen in love with their innovative technologies. However, it doesn’t mean that Volkswagen is escapable from minor inconveniences. In rare instances, door lock problems can happen with any vehicle.


Door lock failures can be an issue that Volkswagen owners have to face. Here are some of the top reasons why your power lock may fail you.

Blown Fuses

Blown fuses are very common amongst power door lock failures. The good news is that fuses are simple and easy to replace. You should still rely on the help of a professional mechanic for electrical inspection and repair.

Problem with the Fob

Key fobs have advanced over time, and you can unlock and lock your car doors and trunk and signal your car alarm with a quick push of a button. Sometimes, the fob may have a dead battery or error in the programming, and your Volkswagen lock won't be able to do what it is intended to do. 

Wiring Problems

Along with the fuse, there are many complex wires that run throughout your Volkswagen. Failure of them often leads to door lock problems, and our technicians will have to repair and reroute the wiring.

Faulty Door Lock Actuator

Door lock actuators are another popular culprit for door lock malfunctions. These actuators are electronically powered mechanisms that do the work when you press on your key fob. They relay info with your key and handle and act as the middle man between your lock cylinder and control unit. You may notice unusual sounds or random locking/unlocking if it is a problem with your actuator.

Control Module Failure

A control module dysfunction can prevent your locking system from engaging. This type of repairs tend to run a little higher.


Door locks are an incredible and functional part of your vehicle that drivers rely on every day for safety and security. When your Volkswagen doors can’t lock properly, look no further than the experts at Atlanta Car Care for accurate repairs.