How Often Should I Replace My Hyundai’s Brake Pads?

Brake pads are one of those Hyundai components that require service quite often. After extensive use, they thin out and you need to change them out for thicker ones. In this blog, we will discuss  how to check them, how often to replace them, and how to make them last longer between each wear. 

What Causes Brake Pads to Wear Out

  • Poor Driving Habits - When you are harsh on your Hyundai’s brakes, they will wear out sooner than later. Instead, we suggest smoothly pressing on the brakes.
  • Stop and Go Traffic - City driving requires more frequent stops at lights, signs, etc. Therefore, you will use your brakes more. Depending on where you operate your Hyundai, it can affect your brake service intervals.
  • Type of Brake Pads - Brake pads made with tougher compounds, like ceramic brakes, usually last longer. Whereas softer materials won’t last as long.

How Often Should You Check Your Brake Pads

It would be helpful if you checked your brake pads everytime you bring your Hyundai in for an oil change. Our team will happily do this for you. But it is also easy to do them on your own at home. You can see your brake pads through your wheel spokes. Once brake pads are between 3mm and 4mm thick, it is time to change them out.

What Are the Signs of Worn Brake Pads

  • Squealing or scraping noise everytime you brake
  • Jitteriness or shakiness when braking
  • Longer brake distance/braking time

If you need your brake pads replaced soon on your Hyundai, please visit the experts at Atlanta Car Care.