How to Tell if My Volkswagen Has An Oil Leak

Oil Leak

Whether you drive the Volkswagen Golf with the 2.0L TDI engine or the Touareg featuring the 4.9L V10 TDI engine, it's crucial to ensure that it has sufficient and quality engine oil. The oil acts as a lubricant, greasing the internal motor parts and preventing overheating. If your car loses oil and nothing is done to flush and replace it, it can lead to irreparable problems, warrantying costly engine replacements.

It's critical to know how to tell if you have an oil leak because you'll have the chance to repair the issue at its "bud." It's also a preventive measure that saves you money and time that you'd have otherwise used on repairs.

A Black/Dark-Brown Puddle Under the Car

A black puddle under the hood is synonymous with an oil leak. The only challenge is that it becomes difficult to know where the oil leak is coming from. It can be a failed or bad-seated gasket on the oil drain plug or an issue with the valve cover gasket, rear main seal, or the oil pan gasket. An oil leak is something you can't ignore, and you also can't tell its origin at a glance. That's why we advise that you bring your Volkswagen to us and have our ASE-certified technicians inspect and repair the leak.

Smoke Coming from the Engine

When engine oil leaks, it burns due to the motor operations. You'll quickly notice the smoke coming from under the hood. That's a clear sign of an oil leak, and a quick response to the problem can save your engine. Your car's motor comprises many components working together and can be confusing to untrained eyes. That's why you need to partner with professional auto care services to repair the leak.

A Burning Odor

Not always do oil leaks fall on the ground. Sometimes it might occur inside the engine, causing it to burn when heated. As a result, you notice a strong, burning smell in the vehicle cabin. When that occurs, we recommend that you pull over to the curb and check your oil level. Your vehicle might operate perfectly with the burning smell, but it should cause concern and your cue to contact your trusted auto care technician.

If you need professional Volkswagen auto repair and maintenance solutions, bring your vehicle to our garage today, and we promise to provide quality and client-centric services.