How To Tell If Your Range Rover's Fuel Injectors Are Going Bad

Range Rover Fuel Injector

Range Rovers are known to be dominant in the automotive industry for their all-aluminum, sleek body, and outstanding off-road performance. Aside from routine inspections for your Rover, there's a particular part in every Range Rover that is often overlooked and needs extra care: fuel injectors.

What Is a Fuel Injector?

Each Range Rover has its own set of fuel injectors. For your Range Rover to run optimally on different terrains, its fuel injectors must be in good working condition. The injectors play an influential role in your car's ability to handle power. By applying pressure and gas at a precise time, the fuel injector helps manage the flow of gasoline going into the engine. Without these things, your vehicle will not be able to attain a well-balanced air/fuel mixture. 

Signs of a Weak Fuel Injector

When a fuel injector begins to fail in a Range Rover, the first symptom you will notice is stuttering. Or, your luxury SUV may also make unusual sounds when you try to start the engine. The sounds result from your SUV trying to communicate that there isn't enough fuel or power being brought to the engine. Another common sign of dirty fuel injectors is if you see smoke emitting from your tailpipe. The smoke may look gray or dark. Often, the exhaust smoke is followed by a foul odor. Lastly, a bad fuel injector will indeed have an adverse effect on your vehicle's mileage. If you notice that your Range Rover is guzzling down gasoline a little too quickly, you need to have a professional technician check it out. Though bigger SUVs may not be known to be fuel-efficient vehicles, if you have to fill up more often than usual, it can hurt your wallet.

Other notable failing symptoms of injectors include an uneasy drive, engine idling, and engine knocking. As mentioned earlier, old fuel injectors can lead to harmful emissions and harm the environment. Getting this conflict diagnosed and resolved as soon as possible can save you money. It can prevent any further damages to your vehicle and will help you regain your standard MPG. If you are experiencing any of the signs mentioned above, please get in touch with our service team at Atlanta Car Care ASAP to get your Range Rover serviced.