Signs it’s Time to For a Brake Fluid Flush

brake fluid flush

The braking system serves a vital role in slowing down and stopping your vehicle. The braking system is composed of a hydraulic system that transmits pressure placed on the brake pedal to the brake discs and drums of the wheels. The harder you press on the brake, the quicker your vehicle slows down. When most drivers think of their brakes, they may just think of their brake pads. However, the brake fluid is just as crucial to the health of your vehicle. 

The brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid that sends the pressure from each foot to the brakes. It also serves to lubricate the brakes system's essential moving parts and protect them against corrosion. Problems within the brake fluid can reduce the braking system's effectiveness, causing a significant safety hazard. Bleeding or flushing the brake system can work wonders in restoring the brake system; however, a brake flush has proven more effective. What's the difference between a brake flush and bleeding the brake line? 

Bleeding the Brakes

Trapped air in the brake lines can cause the brake pedal to feel spongy or loose. A large amount of air can cause complete brake failure. During a brake bleeding service, brake fluid is pumped through the brake lines to eliminate any air. All four brakes are bled individually using a bleed screw. 

Brake Flush

The brake flush is considered more effective because it takes the bleeding process one step further. After the brakes have been bled, a high-powered flushing machine will force new brake fluid into the line while the old fluid is drained out. While bleeding the brakes removes air trapped in the brake lines, a brake flush pumps a complete set of new fluid into the system. 

What are the signs that the brake fluid should be replaced? 

  • The brake fluid is dark and discolored.
  • The brake pedal feels spongy.
  • Your vehicle is hard to stop.
  • The brake fluid is low. 
  • The check engine light comes on. 

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