Signs Your BMW Has An Oil Leak

BMW Oil Leak

BMW are sturdy cars that can last for a long time, with the proper maintenance. Just like any car, a BMW can spring an engine oil leak for a variety of reasons. If your engine oil is leaking you have a serious problem. Once you notice the signs of an oil leak, it's imperative you take your BMW to a professional to have it restored and repaired. By paying attention to the signs of an engine oil leak, you can avoid further damaging your car and save money on future repairs.

Signs Your BMW Has an Oil Leak

There are many signs your engine oil may be leaking. If you know what to look for, you may be able to identify the issue and have it repaired by a professional mechanic.


If your car starts to smoke, that is an obvious sign of an oil leak. If your car starts to smoke under the hood, it's a tell-tale sign of an oil leak. It is important to refrain from driving it and have it checked out immediately.

Oil underneath the car

If you notice a pool of oil underneath your car, you can assume that you have an oil leak. If the oil from your engine is on the ground your engine may be in need of serious repair.

Burning oil smell

Another indication of a BMW oil leak is the smell of burning oil. The smell of burning oil is significant and unique. It is hard to mistake. If your BMW is starting to smell of burning oil when you turn it on, do not ignore it. Burning oil should not be a prevalent odor when using your vehicle. You should take it to a BMW mechanic right away to avoid any further damages.


Overheating is a sign that your oil is leaking. An overheated BMW is an obvious sign as the smell of burning oil or a smoking car, however, overheating is an indication your vehicle is leaking oil. When your engine is properly lubricated with oil it will create less friction, if there is an inadequate amount of oil present in the engine, then more friction will occur, resulting in the overheating of your engine.

Pay attention to your BMW's thermometer feature to determine whether or not your car is overheating. If you suspect that you need BMW oil leak repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle to the experts here at Atlanta Car Care today!