Signs Your BMW Needs New Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are one of the smallest and simplest components in most BMWs vehicles today. While they might be dainty, They have a huge impact on your engine performance. Spark plugs are responsible for providing the necessary spark to start and power your engine. 

Over time your spark plugs can get corroded and wear down. Here are some major signs that indicate your BMW's spark plugs need to be replaced:

Excess fuel consumption

Since these little metallic devices support efficient combustion, your mpg will likely go down once your spark plugs are worn. It could also be due to your regular gapping between the electrodes. You might notice more frequent trips to the gas pump as a result. 

Hard time starting engine

If your spark plugs can’t provide the necessary power to start your engine, it’s a clear sign that you need to replace them soon. Keep in mind that faulty spark plugs are not an unusual case, and it happens all the time as vehicles age.

Rough idling

Usually, the engine should be steady and calm while it is idling. If you hear any sounds or experience vibrations when the car is not moving (and on), it could mean you have faulty spark plugs. 

Misfiring engine

A backfiring engine is one of the most common symptoms of worn spark plugs. It is often a result of unburned fuel due to the missing spark. 

Problems accelerating

Slow acceleration is a sign that you have an engine problem, which can be traced back to your spark plugs.


Healthy spark plugs are needed to work smoothly with all your other engine parts to carry out combustion. If your spark plugs are problematic and you ignore them, the damage could spread to other areas. If you need BMW spark plug replacement in Atlanta, GA, please call or visit Atlanta car care.