The Importance of Balancing and Rotating Your Audi’s Tires

When you invest good hard-earned money towards your dream Audi, you want to take care of it in all facets. This includes the tires! Having your tires properly maintained with wheel balancing and tire rotation services can go a long way in extending the life of your tires. Additionally, it can improve your Audi’s efficiency – who doesn’t want that?


Your Audi was created and made to be high-performing and excellent, and our services at Atlanta Car Care will guarantee that. We have professional mechanics who have experience working on various Audi vehicles, including tire balancing and rotations, both new and old. 


At our Atlanta auto repair shop, we are committed to providing you with a satisfactory experience with reasonable turnarounds so that your Audi can return to the road, where it belongs. 


When you have your tires rotated, a professional mechanic will remove every vehicle off your Audi and switch their positions. Some tire rotations include moving the tires front to back, right to left, or both. The goal of tire rotations is to ensures your tires wear evenly. This is because tires naturally wear more on certain parts of the car over others. Regular tire rotations also have the potential to prevent tire blowouts and enhance your fuel economy.


Our shop is also suitable to handle wheel balancing. Many Audi drivers tend to confuse this service with the previous, but they are entirely different. During a wheel/tire balancing service, we measure the weight of each tire and wheel. If they don’t match Audi’s specifications, we will adjust the weights to even them out. Having your tires balanced will prevent steering-wheel vibrations, enhance drivetrain performance, boost efficiency, and more.


If your Audi requires professional tire services, please turn to the auto repair specialists at Atlanta Car Care. Feel free to give our friendly team a call or visit today.