Tips for Maintaining Your Jaguar's AC System

It is crucial for Atlanta drivers to have proper functioning air conditioning in their cars for the hot spring and summer months. If you want to ensure your Jaguar to stays cool, count on the auto repair technicians at Atlanta Car Care to service your AC system when you need it. Below are some essential tips that we can offer to keep it running smoothly.

  1. Use AC at least once a week, even during off-seasons. Did you know that regular use of the system helps it run better? It will maintain the gas pressure to keep the compressor functioning. 
  2. Run the defrosters. If you've gotten the foul smell from your AC, it is probably because of mold and mildew buildup. Turning on the defrosters can help prevent this from occurring as it functions to remove excess humidity trapped throughout the system. 
  3. Recharge your air conditioning system. Most drivers tend to forget about this crucial step, but if you want your AC to blow cold, you'll need to have it recharged every other year. A professional technician will check for refrigerant (or freon) leaks at this service and supply the system with sufficient freon.

We invite you to our auto repair shop for dependable auto AC service. We can help you detect leaks, recharge your AC, and inspect its parts (compressor, condenser, etc.). Periodic maintenance is necessary for your Jaguar to keep you cool when you need it most. Please give us a call or visit the Jaguar experts at Atlanta Car Care soon.