What are the Signs of Kia Suspension Issues?


Like most vehicles, Kia vehicles can occasionally develop suspension issues. There are a few ways to figure out if your Kia has a suspension issue, an issue related to some other part of the vehicle, or no problem at all.

Here are some quick guidelines.

Shimmy, Shuddering, or Vibrating

A shimmy or shuddering feeling while driving can mean any number of things:

  • A suspension that is out of alignment
  • Tires that need balancing
  • Problems with the steering arm
  • Problems with the tie rod
  • Accident damage

A shimmy or vibrating feel when driving is a typical symptom of a suspension or alignment issue. It can make your drive uncomfortable, and can also damage various vehicle components if left ignored. Even a small shimmy can lead to a driving or road hazard. Plus, a shimmy is a symptom; the "illness" could end up causing you to potentially have trouble controlling your vehicle. 

The only way to diagnose a shimmy issue is to bring your Kia in so our mechanics can pinpoint the problem.

Pulls Right or Left

A vehicle that pulls to the right or left also can be the result of one or many issues. Even a tire that is losing pressure can initiate drifting. Regardless of the cause, you should not ignore a vehicle that noticeably strays right or left as it could be an issue that causes you to lose control of the vehicle or operational failure. Either can pose a major safety risk to you, your passengers, and those around you.

Odd Noises

Odd clunking, grinding, whistling, screeching, etc. from your suspension almost always means something is not working right. If you ignore it, you risk making the issue worse and even permanently damaging your vehicle.

If you hear a sound once, unless it is extremely loud, listen for it again. Two or more times is a pattern that you should have checked out.

If you need Kia suspension repair, we invite you to bring your car to our auto repair shop today!