What Causes Vehicle Oil Leaks in Land Rovers?

Oil Leaks

Land Rover is well known for its high-performance, luxurious SUVs. While these cars are built to go anywhere on various terrains, they aren't invincible. As with any other motor vehicle, Land Rovers are bound to have some issues from time to time. One of the most common problems that you may experience with your Land Rover is oil leaks. These nasty leaks can be damaging to the health of your Land Rover's engine. Here are the most common culprits behind an oil leak:

Damaged Seals

The system that stores your engine oil has gaps in it that have valves or seals. If these pieces become damaged or old, it can cause oil to spill out of the vehicle.

Faulty Oil Pan

You can damage your oil pan after a collision or whenever you drive on rough road surfaces. The oil pan is placed very close to the ground, which makes it susceptible to damage. 

Old Filter 

If your oil filter gets clogged, then it can also be responsible for leakages. Your filter is made to collect debris from regular wear and tear. Each time you service your car, ask your mechanic to examine your filter to ensure it is clean and intact.

Bad Oil Drain Plug

Whenever you get an oil change, your technician will remove the oil drain plug to drain all of the used engine oil out of your car before adding new oil. On rare occasions, this plug can loosen after a service. Thankfully, this is a quick fix. You should have your drain plug fixed as soon as possible to prevent damage and loss of oil.

Ignoring oil leaks can lead to harmful consequences for your Land Rover. You can prevent oil leaks from occurring to your beloved SUV with regular oil changes and regular maintenance by our expert team at Atlanta Car Care. If you are experiencing an oil leak, please call or visit us for assistance.