What Does The ABS Warning Light in My Kia Mean?

Kia ABS Light

Your Kia's ABS light usually signifies that there's a problem with one or more anti-lock brake parts. Your brake fluid may be low, or the signals from wheel sensors malfunction. Whatever the problem may be, the certified technicians at Atlanta Car Care can diagnose, repair, and reset your ABS light. 

What Does the ABS Light Mean?

Nowadays, most cars have an ABS that helps monitor each wheel's rotational speed using sensors. The sensors will alert your car's computer to ensure that the vehicle is stable and under control in unforeseen circumstances, such as slipping on snow or rain. If the computer picks up any abnormalities, it will engage your ABS light to come on.

What Should You Do If The ABS Light Is On?

When your car's ABS light comes on your Kia, you should first find a secure spot to pull over to. You should test whether it is a false signal by turning off the car, then restarting it. Sometimes a simple reset can resolve the problem, and the ABS light will turn off.

However, in some cases, there may be an actual fault within the system that needs to be discovered and repaired. The smartest thing to do in this situation is to take your Kia to Atlanta Car Care, so one of our technicians can connect your Kia to our scan tools. Using the finest testing equipment, we can diagnose your ABS problem by decoding the error messages.

Is It Safe To Continue Driving When The ABS Light Comes On?

Even though the ABS light is lit, your vehicle may still be safe to drive. You will still be able to use your primary braking system unless the brake warning light is lit in addition to the ABS indicator. You should know that your Kia will not be able to help you if you start to skid, so please proceed with caution. It is best to get your vehicle into our auto repair shop as soon as possible to address the problem.

If you need ABS warning light diagnostics or any other Kia auto repair in Atlanta, GA, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Atlanta Car Care today!