What Maintenance Items are Most Commonly Recommended by the Manufacturer?

Vehicle Maintenance

Every car owner knows that keeping a safe and efficient vehicle is an ongoing effort. To get the best results from your automobile, dealers generally recommend staying current on a number of regular check-ups and maintenance items. This article will explore the maintenance check-ins most commonly recommended by vehicle manufacturers.

1. Oil Change

This one's a no-brainer. Every so many miles, it is highly recommended that vehicles are brought in for a routine oil change. This process involves replacing the oil and oil filter inside the vehicle and must be done per the owner's manual maintenance schedule to ensure the proper functioning of the car.

2. Tire rotation

Most manufacturers will recommend periodic tire rotations as well. In tire rotations, an auto technician will rotate the vehicle's tires to make sure that all "wear and tear" is evenly distributed across the tire. This prevents one part of the tire from getting overly worn out and extends the usefulness of your tires.

3. Flushing transmission fluid

Many manufacturers recommend that owners flush or change transmission fluid at least every 30 thousand miles or so. Getting a professional technician to change transmission fluid can help extend the life of the transmission and many manuals call for this maintenance item on a periodic basis.

4. Changing Spark Plugs

Many manufacturers call for the occasional replacement of a vehicle's spark plugs. This is done as a preventative measure to protect the longevity of the car. Because misfiring spark plugs could damage the catalyst converter in the vehicle, it is generally recommended to have these periodically checked or changed per the manual's schedule.

5. Replacing the timing belt

For some cars, manufacturers call for occasional replacement of the timing belt, on a less frequent 90 thousand miles basis. The timing belt is a mechanical item in the car which needs to be in working order for the car to drive. For this reason, and because it can be difficult to know when the timing belt is wearing out, some manufacturers recommend changing the belt every so often.

If you require any vehicle maintenance services, whether listed here or not, you've found the right place. Bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop today for a quick and effective turn-around by our experienced automotive professionals.