What to Do When Your Land Rover Overheats

Land Rovers’ cooling systems are fitted with various sensors and a series of electric fans to keep the engine from overheating. However, overheating can still occur with poor maintenance. When your Land Rover’s engine overheats, you should be prepared to take the following steps.

Step 1: Turn on the car heater

Industry experts recommend turning on the heater when you notice the temperature gauge rising. While it may seem illogical at first, it is effective at moving heat away from the engine and into the passenger compartment instead. This can stop the overheating altogether in some cases. If the dashboard warning light turns off or the temperature gauge lowers, you can keep driving.

Step 2: Pull over

If your Land Rover is still overheating, you should immediately pull over to a safe spot. Please turn off the engine and allow time for it to cool down. It is a good time to call for a tow if you need help.

Step 3: Top off on coolant

You should not open the hood of your Land Rover while it is still hot. Otherwise, you will risk getting sprayed with hot steam and water. Once 15 minutes or more have passed, you are good to fill up on coolant. It is best to only do this if you have gloves. You should slowly turn the cap as it will release pressure. Fill up on coolant until it reaches the maximum line. If the temperature of your engine returns to normal and the coolant light turns off, you are good to drive temporarily. Proceed with caution. 

Step 4: Get to a trusted auto repair shop

Just because your car is cooled down doesn’t mean that the issues are fixed. You should still bring your Land Rover to an auto service center right away. A professional mechanic can best examine your cooling system to see if there are any lingering issues. 


If your Land Rover engine is overheating, please bring your car to the experts at Atlanta Car Care soon. We look forward to seeing you!