Why Do Car Batteries Die in the Winter?

Car Battery

As much as hot weather takes a toll on batteries, winter does not make it easy for them. Some batteries survive winter, but others struggle during the season and eventually die due to different factors. There will be signs of a dying battery during winter. Understanding the impact of winter on batteries will empower you to find the right battery for the season and avoid driving frustrations at this time.

They are Working Harder

Batteries do the most job during winter. As the temperatures drop, the oil thickens and requires more power from the car battery to move the oil to the required destinations. It might be explicitly challenging for batteries more than two years old, and they may eventually become powerless and limit their functioning., The batteries might also die.

Struggles Warming Up

Car batteries struggle warming up during winter. Some chemical reactions in a lead battery acid must occur, enabling the battery to hold charge. The cold temperatures slow down the chemical reactions making the battery sluggish in winter.

More Power in Winter

Some features in winter require more power, which might take a toll on the batteries. Due to more extended periods of darkness, the lights need the energy to keep running, and the cold also requires heat to warm car occupants. The excessive use of features hungry for power may cause the batteries to die.

The extreme cold temperatures cause the batteries to discharge, which makes winter an enhanced threat. In winter, the batteries require more charge to remain functional. The internal battery corrosion in summer makes it harder for the batteries to charge fully, causes likely freezing and battery death.

Proper battery maintenance is essential to eliminate winter driving mishaps. Nothing is cool about getting stuck on the road in winter, in the middle of no-where. Our ASE certified technicians in our auto repair shop will ensure your battery is ready for winter. If you need battery repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop today!