Why Is My Hyundai Pulling to the Left or Right Side?


Your Hyundai should drive relatively straight unless you're making major adjustments to the steering wheel. However, if you notice your Hyundai veering to the right or left, you should be concerned. You will need the assistance of an automotive expert to accurately diagnose and repair the issue. More often than not, it can be a sign of misaligned wheels, bad tires, brake issues, or poor suspension.

Wheel Alignment

If your wheels are misaligned, it can cause your Hyundai to pull in one direction and cause uneven wear on your tires. Misaligned wheels are the most common cause of this symptom, and it can happen naturally over time due to poorly kept roads and drivers accidentally hitting a curb or pothole. A high-quality wheel alignment can correct your wheels to go in the right direction!


Your tires have to gain traction to move on the roads safely, and they should also go in the direction you steer in. Uneven wear or too low tire pressure can cause a vehicle to pull in the wrong direction. Poorly kept tires, such as not performing tire rotations and pressure checks, can result in this issue.


Brake issues can also cause your car ride to feel unstable. The veering can be brought about by a damaged brake component or uneven, worn brake pads/rotors. 


Just like your brakes, a broken piece in the suspension system can produce the same pulling effect. The suspension system is connected to the wheels in your Hyundai. Your shocks and struts ensure you have a balanced combination of comfort, handling, and safety. If the suspension is the problem, it may lead to pulling to one side and odd vibrations.

This hazardous symptom can make it very challenging for you to focus on your driving; you constantly have to tug on your steering wheel to keep straight. Overall, it can be incredibly dangerous. Thankfully, our automotive technicians at Atlanta Car Care can quickly and effectively diagnose and address any pulling issues. For reliable and good-quality Hyundai services in Atlanta, GA, we invite you to give us a call or visit today!